Ambush Knives “Common Sense” Warranty

Ambush Knives are built from the best materials available built to high standards. We are proud of our product and will stand by it and cover it from defects as long as you own it. When you buy an Ambush knife from an authorized dealer you can rest assured your purchase is covered by a warranty covering your knife against breakage and major defects in materials and workmanship. Ambush Knives will without charge, repair or replace your knife at Ambush’s option any knife returned to us found to be defective under “common sense use” standards.

Common sense use covers using a knife how it is intended. Cutting, slicing, carving even batoning through wood with larger knives is covered. Abusing the knife or using it foolishly such as trying to cut through steel or chop up cement blocks for the fun of it will not be covered. Having a common sense warranty allows us to faithfully cover all legitimate warranty issues. Other examples of items not covered are cutting your sheath, loss of your knife or wanton abuse.

For warranty service contact us at for a warranty authorization. If possible, please include a photo of your issue as an attachment in the email.

We also offer free sharpening of your knife for as long as you own it. You send it to us with a check for $9.95 to cover return postage and you will receive a hair popping sharp knife back in the mail in 1-2 weeks.